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2014 FitMenCook Holiday Gift Guide

2014 FitMenCook Holiday Gift Guide

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Perfect gifts for the #FitMenCook or #FitWomenCOok in your life! Here are all the tools you need to get started in the kitchen.

Note: these opinions are entirely my own and I was not paid to endorse any product on this list.


Oven Safe Non-stick Ceramic Skillet

Being able to cook low fat in the kitchen begins with having a nonstick skillet.  And having an oven safe ceramic skillet will allow you to sear and cook on the stovetop and then transfer to the oven for continued cooking. HIGHLY recommend if you frequently have #StruggleChicken.

Here are two good options:

CeraStone Earth Series 8-inch Ceramic Non Stick Fry Pan - $27



Set of 2 Zwilling J.A. Henckels Spirit Frypan 8-inch and 10-inch Frypans – $99 (premium)



Hi-powered Blenders & Food Processors

Vitamix S30 - $409
Powerful and compact so you can still use your counter space. And it’s a very reliable blender for those like me who replace their “magic bullet” blender every year.


Ninja Kitchen System 1200 – $99
Versatile, efficient and powerful food processor that I’ve used for shows.

ninja food processor


Ceramic Knives

Farberware Ceramic 5-Inch Utility Knife with Plastic Blade Cover – $15
Without a doubt one of my favorite kitchen tools! Sharp, strong and easy to clean.



Kyocera Revolution 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set – $99
Great if you can afford the investment for added quality and stays sharper longer!



Premium Waffle Maker

Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker – $80
While this may be on the high end this is one of my FAVORITE tools in the kitchen. Very easy to clean with the nonstick surface, reliable and durable. Once you try this waffle maker, you will know the difference between this and the $20 waffle makers in your local grocery stores.



Silicon Muffin Molds

Lekue 6 Cavitiy Muffin Mold Red – $20
Perfect muffins – no burning. And can also be used for other recipes like turkey-wrapped and zucchini-wrapped muffins. Period.



Spiralizer or Julienne shredder

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer – $30
The perfect gift to make ANYONE fall in love with raw vegetables.



No Cheats Needed Recipe Book

Need some added motivation to get started in the kitchen?  Or, maybe you want to refresh your diet with some new recipes and ideas.  Well, this is the perfect “kickstarter” to get started transforming your mind and body. And if you’re a pro at designing and preparing your own meals, then perhaps you can gift this book to someone else to help them get started cooking!

fitmencook book banana split


Food Storage Containers

Stainless Steel 3-in-1 ECOlunchbox – $25
PERFECT for men/women who have to eat cold lunches. One of my favorite products!



Sistema Containers – prices vary
These are quality containers that can be used for food storage. I like these – one and two – are my favorites.



EcoJarz Wide Mouth 24oz Jar – $19
FINALLY a glass jar and matching lid that will fit ALL of your green smoothie. Use Anhealthfood code at checkout to receive a discount.



Rice Cooker

Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U Micom 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker – $70
Extremely versatile – besides cooking all kinds of rice and grains, you can also cook “main dishes” such as fish, chicken at the same time. Perfect gift for the chronic “meal prepper” or someone who eats POUNDS of rice or quinoa.



FMC T-shirts - $25 – $30

Show your support of Team FitMenCook and join our active and growing community of people who have vowed to turn their backs on boring, bland diets.

initial collage


Food Scale

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display – $50
Among the absolute BEST and most functional food scales.


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