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5 Tips on Making a Great Salad

5 Tips on Making a Great Salad

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Confession: I rarely order salads at restaurants. Give me bland, raw veggies any day! Why? The thought of trying to choke down a block of iceberg lettuce topped with 2 tomato slices and dry carrot shavings makes me gag.

If I was a competitive eater, mounds of iceberg lettuce would be great training! But, sadly I’m not.

When I’m in my own kitchen, I try to make salads interesting and filling.

Here are 5 quick tips on making a good salad. List other ways you enhance your salads? Boom.

  1. Use a lean protein source like grilled chicken or fish. Adding fried buffalo chicken tenders or fatty ground meat kinda defeats the purpose if you’re trying to have a lower calorie option, so they can be counter-productive.
  2. Use mixed greens like spinach, arugula or kale. I find these are more flavorful and you can eat more of these in one setting. Lettuce tends to make you feel fuller faster.
  3. Use tomatoes or cucumbers as one of the ingredients. They add moisture and may help you not need salad dressing.
  4. Remember your healthy fats! These will help make it hearty so it can be a full meal. Nuts, avocado, seeds, olive oil. Or just use salmon as your protein!
  5. Add raw or dried fruit to enhance flavor. The touch of sweetness helps curb my sugar cravings as well.

For dressing, consider using items like pico de gallo, goat cheese, fresh lemon juice or low fat vinaigrette. Be creative, just keep it healthy!

What are your tips?

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