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I served up chicken mole with a side of quinoa and a summer salad.  See instructions, ingredients, and steps for my meal below. Chicken …


Chris Lum Meal Prep

Grocery List: tomato paste (16oz) 10 instant oatmeal packets smooth peanut butter (500g) box of pasta wheat shells 12 large eggs mozzarella cheese shredded …


Stacked Caprese Salad

Ingredients: 1 Large Tomato 4 oz of Fresh Mozzarella 6-8 Fresh Basil Leaves 1 tbsp of balsamic vinaigrette Instructions: Wash the tomato and then …


Tilapia Stuffed Avocado

I recreated this fitmencook recipe and it turned out great.  These are extremely filling!  I will definitely be making these again soon!  Try it …


BBQ Bison Sliders

I recreated the recipe below using lean ground bison.  These are extremely tasty and easy to make!  No more buns! Washed them down with …


Ground chicken with veggies

Recipe is for 1/2 a serving Ingredients For the ground chicken:  7 oz lean ground chicken  1 tbsp of gyros seasoning mix  a pinch …


BBQ Salmon Pizza

I recreated the fitmencook recipe blow and it’s by far on of my new favorite things to make. I’d recommend this recipe for all! …


Nigel Protein parfait FMC

Recipe serves 1 person. Ingredients for the yogurt mix: 3.5 oz greek yogurt 10.5 oz soy yogurt 1/2 oz chia seeds 1/3 oz Orca Spice Chia powder …


Coconut Curry Chicken

I recreated the below fitmencook recipe and it turned out amazing.  Definitely worth a try! http://instagram.com/p/ppfVEYlDfF/ My Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/eyoungfit


Chicken and Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers

This is my recreation of the recipe below.  It turned out great so I suggest you try it! http://fitmencook.com/quinoa-chicken-stuffed-bell-peppers/ My Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/eyoungfit